What Does The Process Look Like?2017-12-11T11:33:09+10:00

Initially at first point of contact, you’ll speak with one of our Principal Consultants who’ll organise a time to sit down with you for a deep-dive. You’ll receive confirmation of the time and format shortly after your booking is made.

From here, we take a detailed outline of your specific requirements – be it a site, marketing campaign, or any other service, and get to work! A few days later you’ll receive the ‘fitting draft’ – essentially a rough outline of the strategy akin to a suit-fitting –  that is designed to convey the key concepts we’re rolling together for you and get your measurements.

Next, we then incorporate any feedback from our conversation into the penultimate Scope of Work and submit that for your revision to make sure the final version will be on point.

Then, depending on the nature of the program of work, we’ll work with you to ensure results exceed expectations.

How Long Does The Process Usually Take?2017-12-11T11:54:57+10:00

Firstly; your stuff will be ready when it’s ready. Typically, we’ll have your first thing ready for review within five days, but we don’t promise a timeline, as there are way too many variables. We send you the concepts for review when we’re happy with the first pass – not before. If you’re up against an aggressive timeline by all means let us know during our initial chat and we’ll do everything we can to meet it with you – you can quickly make a martini,  but you can’t rush making a good martini.

Who Will We Be Working With On This?2017-12-11T11:59:31+10:00

All of our designers, coders, and writers are experienced in their chosen fields, and this domain expertise is tempered by corporate communication experts and marketing specialists. Together we have designed a compelling approach to the creation of digital marketing process, and it delivers absolutely optimal results in both content and format.

We don’t outsource overseas, and take total ownership of the process from start to finish, and after-engagement care – everything stays totally in-house.

What Industries Have You Addressed Historically?2017-12-11T12:03:34+10:00

Our creatives have catered to just about any vertical; from hair dressers to financial planners, but our core expertise is in technology. Our ability to tackle the nuanced fields of informational technology, is exemplary, as we’ve spent sooo much time working in the industry. We have the technical chops to create solutions for any tech company quickly, no matter the complexity of their chosen niche. We’ve covered everything from SI/MSP’s, vendors, blockchain and cryptocurreny start-ups, through to whitehat infosec organisations.

How Does It Work If We Need An Update In Future?2017-12-11T12:07:13+10:00

We work with you to refine and iterate until you have the ultimate solution that will set your professional world on fire – we don’t settle for less. Over the coming years as you acquire new experience and perhaps need an update to your strategy in future, we can help refine or even create anew, a solution that will perpetuate your growth.

We work with organisations long-term too, and keep them surfing the lip of their industry, and staying front-of-mind with their clients.

What If I’m Not 100% Content With The Work?2017-12-11T12:08:55+10:00

Pft. You will be. Anyway – we work with you until you are. Our consultant created thousands of campaigns and documents over the years, and as part of our process, ask for frank and total feedback upon completion of each assignment. If perchance you aren’t totally satisfied, we will take your guidance and re-work as necessary until you are 100% satisfied.

What Regions Do You Serve?2017-12-11T12:13:33+10:00

We’re officially global! In our very first week of operation we booked work with organisations in the US, EU, Central Asia, and of course, Australia.
We’re hoping for Africa, and Antarctica by the end of next week.

We’re technologist and internet types after all – we can connect with anyone, anywhere, any time.

How Do You Define ‘Better’ When Talking About Your Services?2017-12-11T12:15:41+10:00

We know what’s out there. Any reasonable digital agency will not have the depth of technical understanding and experience when creating campaigns and copy that we do. In a highly competitive industry, who wants to work with a generalist? Stilt are the digital marketing and communications company for the tech industry.

What’s Your Pricing Structure?2017-12-11T12:18:34+10:00

Reasonable. We are more expensive than some other services, but cheaper than others. Through or continuous market research and testing, we know we offer the best services for the tech industry, and are constantly developing and refining to keep ahead of the pack.

In Stilt’s previous incarnation, many of our clients wrote to us about new business they’ve secured and the corresponding leaps in revenue. While our services may not be wholly responsible, the metrics don’t like – we get you in front of vastly more eyeballs than our competition would.

What Does Stilt Do?2017-12-11T12:21:00+10:00

We’re a communications and marketing service designed explicitly to deliver best-of-class services to the tech industry.

We help organisations with the attention-equation. From attracting new clients, and building a community of advocates, through to automation and streamlining your outreach, we help reduce the potential friction and help your company excel.


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