Stilt helps organisations evolve digitally.

The overwhelm of “keeping up with the Joneses” – digitally speaking – is real. Stilt keeps those Jones freaks in your rearview mirror by keeping your content creation and your approach to marketing killer.

Stilt Creative are part of the Stilt Collective – a group of organisations built to serve clients with innovative digital & content solutions that engage and enthrall your audience.

With each new trend or fad in digital marketing, we see systemic failures in a handful of key elements that lead to an inevitable, but preventable, failure in delivery. Like fishing, you need to chum the water, cast the line, and only then reel-in and land the fish. Most digital efforts we see aren’t goverend by strategy, and are just futile efforts to tick the ‘we do digital marketing’ check-box.

Without fail, we’ll understand what you do, and help deliver an accurate message, and convert your audience into believers. Our grasp of copy writing, digital presence, and marketing, means we will deliver an exemplary outcome to get results and further your success.

I was really pushing for a more compelling site for my organisation, and was lucky enough to be made aware of your services. With the new marketing services and content I was able to dial-up attention for my company, and certainly in part to this new toolset, was seriously considered, and successfully offered the work from a major contract in the first month. Though I don’t want to suggest that it was instrumental in getting me the work relative to our own performance, it certainly opened the door and put us in contention immediately – all without making any sales calls. Thanks lads.

A.P., Managing Director


Stilt Creative was founded by two domain experts coming together to fill a void in the market. We had worked together for ages unofficially; covering various areas, we were referring work to each other, combining forces for short-term projects, and dazzling the hell out of clients. We figured we’d do even better under the one proverbial roof.


A digital native, Karissa has been at the forefront of the social revolution for quite some time. With an army of followers, and a history of explosively popular content program creation, she brings a depth of analytical and behavioural knowledge to the table.


A seasoned writer and serial entrepreneur (a real one, not just on instagram) that loves nothing more than creating a new service that delights the people it serves. He set out with KB to create a company to launch the growth of clients by leveraging cutting-edge digital tools & tricks.

AlexisHead Writer

Alexis has been a professional writer for nearly a decade. Heading up professional services for our previous company, Waterstone, she has been instrumental in the evolution and continuing high-performance of our little collective. She’s a little self-conscious, so didn’t want her photo up here.

PhilAudio & Lighting Engineer

Phil has spent over two decades in audio and lighting, and worked for TV, film, and especially live events, creating perfect production environments for visual and auditory excellence. The subtle moods and emotions that can be conveyed with the right bulb or slider nudge still surprises us.

PetePhotographer & Videographer

Pete has something like 20 different film and digital cameras. We don’t know – there’s anew one every week. His keen eye for structure and subject has seen him excel in the insanely comeptitive photographer scene in Sydney, and has an incredibly bright future in front of him!


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Our experience inside marketing & analytics, and deep specialisation in corporate content creation puts us in the perfect place to assist with your requirements. With our market intelligence, we will position you ahead of all erstwhile competition.

You’ll be paired with a single contact responsible for the creation and oversight for all your requirements, and will continue working with you to ensure you are fully satisfied with the outcome.



While we earn a living, we genuinely want to help people.

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