S – T – R – E – T – C – H – E – D ?

If you’re a growing organisation, you seemingly have to be everywhere. A strong web presence, social media, marketing campaigns, newsletters, and email… Not to mention creating all that content to share and get on the RADAR of customers. Stilt are your digital specialists. We work with your organisation to create something amazing that’ll help launch your business.


We’re an ingeneous bunch, sure. But we don’t let a nifty idea blind us to hard data. We use hard data first and foremost to steer marketing & communications for our clients. Only then do we inject a bit o’ the old creative juices. Metrics first, then the pretty colours.

​Full-service agency, or niche experts; the eternal digital marketing question. Stilt is all about the best of both worlds. We have brought together some of the best talent in each domain, and the secret sauce is the intelligent and strategic coordination to make the whole even greater than the sum of the parts.

Seems to have worked.

Branding & Identity

Visual haiku – conveying meaning with shapes and a few splashes of colour, making your ideas unforgettable


Web Design & Development

Strong design for desktop & mobile, bringing ideas to life, and making your online presence more compelling


Digital Marketing

We drive traffic, convert it, and let you understand its genesis, and where you’re best to focus your message


Social Management

We live in a social-first world, and the success of your company may well ride on your social media strategy


Copy & Content & SEO

Your site might be pretty, but content and copy is still what matters most – words will always have power



We’ve helped some of the biggest companies on earth, as well as our current stable of start-ups. Most of our clients are rising stars – disruptive new ventures, and medium businesses, wanting to take on the giants. All of the digital advantages afforded by being huge are typically out of reach without serious capital injection to small business, making it even harder for them to compete. We know what advantages agility can afford a company. And we can optimise that utility to outwork, and outperform the big guys with just a dash of digital know-how. Hell, sometimes the big guys even need a hand if they’re trying to do something new, and we’re always full of ideas.

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